Frequently Asked Questions  

General FAQs
01)   Can I drop off my kids and run some errants?


JuzPlay Kids is NOT a drop-off facility. Parental/Guardian supervision is required at all times with no exception. Please do not leave your kids unattended. JuzPlay Kids is an unsupervised area. Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children at all times. Parents/Caregivers are responsible for their child's safe use of the equipment. JuzPlay Kids is not responsible for any injuries that might occur from unsafe or improper use of equipment. Improper use of equipment or rough play will result in the child’s removal from the play area.

02) Is JuzPlayKids safe for my child?


Safety and cleanliness are our top priority. All our playground structure and equipment are safety tested and build with the highest quality that complies with local, state, and international safety standards.

03) Is JuzPlayKids playground clean?


As part of our core value to have integrity to keep our promise of a clean & safe environment for our customers, our playground is routinely cleaned and sanitized before we open and close and throughout the day.

04) Do I need to sign a waiver?


Yes, JuzPlay Kids is a  "play at your own risk" facility, we are no different than an outdoor playground. All customers must read and sign a waiver form. NO EXCEPTION. You may sign our online waiver form here or when you arrived at our facility.

05) What is your sick child/adult policy?

What is your sick child/adult policy?


JuzPlay Kids maintains a strict sick child/adult policy because Sick children will expose all children and staff members who they come in contact with.

Therefore, JuzPlayKids reserved the right to deny entry or ask you and your child to leave the facility if you or your child is visibly unwell. 


For the health and well-being of our staff members and other patrons, please re-schedule your visit if you or your child experience any of the following: 

  • COLD SYMPTOMS: Frequent coughing, Runny Nose and Sore Throat

  • FEVER: Fever is defined as having a temperature of 100°F or higher taken under the arm, 101°F taken orally (a child needs to be fever free for a minimum of 24 hours without the aid of Tylenol®, or any other fever reducing substance.)

  • DIARRHEA: runny, watery, bloody stools, or 2 or more loose stools within last 4 hours.

  • VOMITTING: 2 or more times in a 24 hour period. Note: please do not bring your child if they have vomited the night before.

  • FREQUENT ITCHING of SCALP or Body, lice, rash, or any other spots that resemble childhood diseases, including ringworm.


06) Where is your lost and found?


Lost something? Please approach our front desk for any lost and found items. Please do not leave valuables or personal belongings unattended. We are not responsible for loss, theft or damage of your personal property.

07) Do you have a diaper changing facility available?


Yes, we have two diaper changing facility in both our restrooms located at the right back of the facility. Please make sure all DIAPERS AND PULL-UPS are covered by clothing at all times for hygiene purposes. We reserve the right to ask you to leave our facility if the rule is not adhered to. We understand accidents do happened and you do not have spare clothing. You are welcome to come back anytime on us. Just approach any of our team members.


08) Can I bring takeout food into the premise?


Yes, except pizza. All food must be consumed at our lounge or party room (if no party is going on). NO food, drinks and gum in any of the play area  at ALL TIMES.  


09) Do I need socks?


Yes, JuzPlay Kids is a socks-only facility. All children and adults MUST have socks on in order to enter any play area. Forgot your socks? We do have socks for sale at the front desk in case you need them.


10) Can adult play too?


Yes and No. Our facility is designed for Children below 55". Adults are NOT allowed on our soft play equipment (green & orange mats) but are encouraged to assist your child/children in enjoying the soft play area. But YES for our 3 level play structure, we encourage adults to go into the play structure and play with your kids on the ball blasters or take a slide down together.


11) Do you sell any food or drinks?


Yes, we offer snacks, cold bottled water and cold beverages such as milk and juice boxes, sparking juice, soda and bottled coffee.


12) What form of payments do you accept?


Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover. No checks please.


Play Pass FAQs
13) Is the price of a PLAY PASS for per entry or per hour?


Our play pass is good per entry per child for up to 2 hours.


14) Is re-entry allowed?


Re-entry is allowed on weekdays only. Please retain your wrist tag.


15) Is infant (0 - 11 months) free of charge?


Yes, infants < 12 months are free of charge.


16) Is adult free of charge?


Yes, adult is always free with an infant or a paid child. For security reasons, no adults are allowed in without a child.


17) What is your refund policy?


All our play passes, punch cards, gift cards and birthday party booking deposit are non-refundable.


18) What is the cut off time to purchase a play pass?


Although our last play pass will be sold 30 minutes before closing, we suggest that you come at least 1 hour before closing time to avoid disaapointment.


19) Is reservation required?


JuzPlayKids is a walk-in, first come first serve facility. No reservation required except for group/event meet up of 5 or more children. Please call us or email us at least 24 hours in advance if you plan on having a group meet up here.


20) Do you sell punch card?


Yes, we do sell punch card/ gift certificate

A 5 visits Punch Cards can be purchased at 10% off at $36 (12 - 24 months) / $ 54 ( > 24 months)

A 10 visits Punch Cards can be purchased at 15% off for $68 (12 - 24 months) / $ 102 ( > 24 months)


21) Can my child who is taller than 55" enter or play?


Children taller than 55" can enter our premise free but NOT ALLOWED to play and NOT ALLOWED to enter any play area to help out their younger siblings AT ALL TIMES.


Birthday Party FAQs
22) Do I get exclusive use of the playground when I booked a birthday party?


No, all weekday and weekend are Standard JuzParties. You only get exclusive use of the party room for the allocated 90 minutes and the playground will be shared with other Open Play customers. But, we do have private party available that offer exclusive use of the whole facility. Email us at for more information.


23) What is included in my Standard Party Package?



  • PARTY ROOM: exclusive use of party room for 90 minutes and shared play area with public



  • GUEST HEADCOUNT: 16 including birthday child

(additional guests can be added at $12 each, up to maximum limit of 24 guests )


  • ARRIVAL TIME: Host family may arrive 15 minutes early for set up

  • DECORATIONS: Generic Birthday Banner and 2 balloon bouquets of total10 balloons. Bring in more decoration of your own but NO confetti, party poppers, pinata and NO LIT CANDLES (Flashing LED number cake topper available - $5.00). Only light weight banners that can be hung on the wall using poster tack are allowed.


  • FOOD & DRINKS: Bring your own cake, food and drinks. Or choose to cater through us for your pizza. (No outside pizza or alcoholic beverages allowed).


  • PAPER/PLASTIC PRODUCTS: Paper place settings in 1 color of your choice for kids and quality white place settings for adults. Disposable Cutlery and napkins are provided too.


  • PARTY COORDINATOR: 1 dedicated party coordinator to help with party set up, decorations, clean up and facilitation of all your party needs.


  • PARTY OPTIONS (Optional with Additional fees) : 

    • Pizza Package with 1 gallon of Apple Juice or Lemonade

      • 14" Pizza Package - 3 X 14" pizza with 2 toppings per pizza

      • 16" Pizza Package - 3 X 16" pizza with 3 toppings per pizza

    • LED number cake topper (recommended due to no live candle policy)

    • Balloon Twisting 

    • Face Painting

    • Live Cartoon Drawing (black & white or color)

    • Glitter Tattoo

    • Photobooth Rental

    • unlimited use for 90 minutes (3 shots per photo for guest to take home)

    • Meet your Princess / Superhero with balloon twisting. Once ordered, cannot be cancelled

    • Theme.

    • Email us your favorite theme. Choose any theme from Disney Princesses, Frozen, My Little Pony, Bubble Guppies, Cupcake, Doc McStuffins, Hello Kitty, Ladybug, Avengers,Spiderman, Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Thomas the Train (Subject to availability, must reserve 2 weeks in advance. Once reserved cannot be cancelled. Last minute addition subject to availability)

    • Standard theme include themed place settings, themed table covers, hanging spirals and themed wall birthday banners.

    • Loot bags (party favor)

    • stickers, pencils, Mystery Toy, assorted candies and a 50% off coupon for JuzPlayKids admission. Once ordered, cannot be cancelled.


24) What is included in my Private Party Package?



  • PARTY ROOM: exclusive use of Whole Facility for 90 minutes 

(additional 30 minutes can be added at $85.00, it cannot be extended further )

- 60 minutes of play

- 30 minutes in party room


  • FREE PLAY PASSES: A total of 20 free play passes including birthday child

(additional guests can be added at $12 each, up to 30 guests )


  • ARRIVAL TIME: Host family may arrive 15 minutes early to get ready everything in the party room.


  • DECORATIONS: standard party decorations include generic birthday banner and 2 balloon bouquets of 5 balloons each. You may also choose to bring your own decorations (balloons, theme place settings, table centerpiece, hats) but no lit candles, confetti, party poppers or pinata and no wall decorations that need to be stapled, only light weight banners that can be hang on the windows using poster tack are allowed.


  • FOOD & DRINKS: You are allowed to bring in your own cake, food and drinks except Pizza. Please call use to order your pizza. We partnered with Frankie's Pizza.


  • PAPER/PLASTIC PRODUCTS: paper place settings in 1 color of your choice for kids and quality white place settings for adults.


  • PARTY COORDINATOR: 1 dedicated party coordinator to help with party set up, decorations, clean up and facilitation of all your party needs.


  • 1 FREE FAMILY PHOTO: 1 free 4 X 6 size size family photo for the host family (We understand the host family is so busy during the party, making sure everyone is well taken care of that they sometimes forgot about themselves! )


  • OPTIONS:  photobooth rental, meet your princess, face painting, balloon twisting, glitter tattoo, goody bags, theme, and snacks available at additional cost.


25) What to do if I need to change date or time?


Date and time of party can be rescheduled to any available party time slot.  All party booking deposits are non-refundable. A no-show or event cancelled with less than 1 week notice will have the booking deposit forfeited.


26) Will you pro-rate me if the headcount is lesser than 16?


No, party package price is fixed.


27) How do I make a birthday party booking?


Please book online here or call us at 425-657-0074 or book in person in-store.


28) Are we allowed to stay after the official party is over?


Yes, you may stay for as long as we are still open but you have to clear out of the party room especially if there is another party coming in.

For Private Party, you and your guests have to leave the building when your party time is up unless you choose to add extra 30 minutes option for $85.


29) How much is the deposit for booking a party?


50% deposit is required depending which party package you choose from. Final balance payment would be at the end of the party.


30) Can I bring my own balloons and decorations?


Yes, you may bring your own balloons and decorations but please take note that 2 balloons bouquet and birthday banners are included in your party package already.


31) What are the items that are not allowed in a party?


Confettii, pinata, lighted candles, party poppers and alcoholic drinks are not allowed to be brought into the party. No outside entertainers allowed unless with permission.


32) What if my headcount changes?


Plans changed and kids turn up at the last minutes! No worries, just let our party coordinator know when you arrive so that we can make the necessary changes. Please note that the maximum number of kids including birthday child is 24 for Standard Party and 30 for Private Party.  The final party bill will be based on the final headcount at the party, any added options (if any) and less off your deposit. There will be $20 exceed limit fee per child if you exceed the maximum guest limit for your party.


33) Can the birthday child open presents?


No, we want your child to enjoy the process of opening the presents and not be rushed through it. Please keep to your allocated time for party room use as a courtesy to the next in-coming party celebration. A late penalty of $50 will be imposed on your final bill if you exceed the allocated time by more than 10 minutes.


34) Are party deposit refundable?


No, all party booking deposits are non-refundable. You may choose to re-schedule it.


35) Can I cancel party options or pizza?


Yes, you may cancel any party options with 2 weeks written notice.


All pizza orders can be cancelled with 48 hours notice.

36) Should I ask my guest to sign the waiver online at home?


Yes, please ask all your guest to sign our online waiver prior to coming on your invitation so as to reduce the checking in time.

37) Can I bring in my own food and drinks ?


Yes, you may bring in your own food and drinks except alcoholic beverages and pizza.

38) Where can I ask my guests to park if your parking lots are full?


You can ask your guest to park along the street or behind our building. Please click here for details.

Playground Rules & Safety Policy
39) What are your Playground Rules?


  • Children must be 55" and below to play

  • Parents / caregiver Supervision is required at All Times

  • No aggressive play allowed, 3 strike rules in place, violators may be asked to take a break or to come back another time

  • No jumping from one softplay equipment to another.

  • No jumping down from revolving climber.

  • No sliding down head first

  • No climbing up the slide.

  • No hogging of any tunnel or entrance of slides.

  • No gum, food and drinks in the play area at all times

  • No running along walkways or at parent's lounge

  • All children must be accompanied by an adult at the parent's lounge at all time

  • No weapons of any kind allowed in the facility

  • No toys, jewelries or sharp objects in all play areas

  • Diapers have to be covered up at all times

  • Please put on your shoes to go to the restroom or the snack room

  • All balls or balloons should stay at their designated area. Please do not bring the balls up the parents lounge and throw them at the top of the structure

  • Adults and children with yellow bands are not allowed on our moving softplay.

  • No pets allowed unless they are service animals.

  • Frequent potty breaks are encouraged to prevent accidents.

40) What is your emergency exit plan?

In the event of any emergency, we ask that everyone to remain calm and to gather all your children and exit the building in an orderly manner as per the emergency exit plan below.

41) Why are lit candles not allowed for my birthday party?

Due to the fact that ours is a very old building which do not have fire sprinklers, we would like to eliminate the risk of a fire hazard to keep everyone safe. We do however have flashing LED number cake topper available for purchase.

41) Safety Policy

JuzPlay Kids take pride in providing a safe place for all who come through our door.


We do not allow any single adult without a child to enter without acknowledgement from an existing adult already in the playground.

We reserved the rights to ask anyone to leave our premises.

Anyone caught shoplifting / vandalising will be reported to the police.

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination. Please respect one another.

Children are requested to be gentle with our equipment and to observe all the Playground Rules.

OPENING HOURS              

Monday - Thursday      9.30 am   -   5.00 pm

Friday - Saturday          9.30 am   -   6:00 pm

Sunday                         11:00 am  -   5.00 pm

1430 NW Mall Street, Suite B,

(b/w 17th Ave NW and 12th Ave NW)

Issaquah, WA, 98027

Tel: 425-657-0074

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