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Multi-Purpose On-The-Go Double Pocket Mesh Toy Storage Bags (4PK)

  • ROAD TRIP ESSENTIALS FOR KIDS: Organize road trip activities, Fidget Toys, books or tablet into these large see through mesh bags with zipper and handle. Make on the go trips easy.

  • TRAVEL IN STYLE: No more messy suitcase with these mesh zipper pouches luggage organizers for kids. Find their pajamas or undies easily. There is a bag for almost everything. 

  • GO BACK TO SCHOOL CONFIDENTLY: Keep backpack tidy and neat. Use the front pocket as large pencil pouch and the back pocket for homework or writing pad.

  • IN HOME HOBBIES, CARD GAMES, GAME BOARD STORAGE SOLUTION: DIY-friendship bracelets, crocheting, puzzles, board games. Double Pockets = Double Storage for sorting.   

This product costs $28.99 for a pack of 4 different designs on amazon.


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