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Figets Toys Packed Game Bags Toy Storage Bag Mesh Zipper Bags For Board Games Fi

Figets Toys Packed Game Bags Toy Storage Bag Mesh Zipper Bags For Board Games Fi


Busy parents on the go need these multi-purpose mesh storage bags for kids daily activities, travel, road trips. 

Gift them as beautiful and purposeful birthday gifts.

Specially designed by a busy on the go mom of teens, tween and toddler.

Keep kids entertained on long road trips without having figet toys dropping everywhere.

Let your kids find things easily in the suitcase with these mesh suitcase organizer for kids.

Stop getting frustrated from digging deep into a diaper bag for that pacifier with these mesh diaper bag organizing pouches.

Keep your child's backpack tidy with mesh tote bag backpack organizer or mesh pencil pouch tote organizer. 

Make independent play or quiet time at home a breeze with these mesh toy bags.

These large mesh bags are designed to be toy organizers and storage game bags for bubble popping sensory toy, fidgets pack; car travel accessories for long trips kids, mesh travel bags, zippered pencil pouches, diaper bag organizer Insert, luggage organizer bags, travel bags organizer for luggage.

Set of 4 fun mesh organizer bags with double zippers and handle are sure to be a hit with your love ones.

  • Space Theme Black Mesh Bag: I need more Space.
  • Cat Theme Purple Mesh Bags: Life is Better with Popsicles.
  • Sea Turtle Theme Blue Mesh Bag: Slow still gets you there.
  • Llama Theme Green Mesh Bag : No Drama Llama 


Nylon mesh bag with 2 large pockets to fit pretty much anything. For example: 
(1) Kid tablet and road trip activities for kids, figeys toys bag set
(2) Cute pencil pouch, mask, homework, journals, school stuff, classroom headphone storage
(3) Daily outfit luggage organizer bags for kids, sunscreen, hats, swim diaper. 
(4) Diaper clutch, diapers & change of clothes
(5) Figet pack, fidget poppers pack and push pop fidget toys
(6) Small packing cubes
(7) Puzzle Games, Card Games, Board Games, fidget packets, monkey noodle fidget toy and pop tubes

Teens and toddlers don't have to be messy. Let's make that happen one mesh storage bag at a time.

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